Is Geert Wilders Howard Roark?

Ayn Rand said once that heroes such as Howard Roark do exist in the real world. She said the fact that the Fountainhead had been published demonstrated this. As a script, The Fountainhead had been rejected by 12 publishers, but there was one man who placed his career on the line, determined to have it published. His name was Archibald Ogden. And he won the fight, without him The Fountainhead may have never been published.

In every society, there are heroes, men who fight the entire society because they believe in their vision and in their truth. Ayn Rand would say that their vision was based upon truth, objective truth, and that such men are always able to articulate their ideals and demonstrate them to the common man. 

In The Fountainhead this moment of truth is the courtroom scene where Howard Roark is on trial and takes the stand in his own defense to deliver a monologue, explaining to the members of the jury why he had blown-up the housing project he originally had designed. 

In a …

Thierry Baudet: Who Is The Boss of the Netherlands?

After the murder of Pim Fortuyn there has been no other prominent Dutch politician who questioned the influence of the Dutch monarchy in Dutch politics other than Geert Wilders.

Until the arrival of Thierry Baudet, who is the new political star in the Netherlands. In the Dutch parliament last year, he mocked the speech of King Willem-Alexander (“troonrede”) and referred to it as a litany of fables. And then asked at 6:10 minutes:

“Who really is the boss of this country? Who can influence or decide things. Is it PM Mark Rutte? Is it the king? Is it Juncker? Is it Soros? Is it Merkel? Is it Paul Polman of Unilever?"

The fact that Thierry Baudet mentioned King Willem-Alexander is really revealing and very courageous. Most Dutch politicians know this to be true, but would never say it. The monarchy is considered the sacred cow of Dutch politics, but it also the elephant in the room.  

It is also important to know the context of this parliamentary debate. It was discovered that Prime Min…

Geert Wilders Vs King Willem-Alexander

King Willem-Alexander is a left-wing globalist who is loyal to the European Union and the United Nations. In fact, he and Queen Maxima are actively involved in the UN. 

Furthermore King Willem-Alexander is a proponent of "climate change" and open-borders. In other words, every thing that King Willem-Alexander is for, Geert Wilders is against.

So why is Wilders showing up in the royal palace with a gift? It certainly must have had Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh rolling around in their graves. Both men were murdered fighting Islam and both were disrespected by Queen Beatrix.  

So what was this meeting between Wilders and the King all about? One can only speculate, but it was a staged event to benefit them both. Both men need each other.
For King Willem-Alexander the most important currency is his popularity. At the time they met, Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV, was the most popular in the Netherlands. King Willem-Alexander is well aware of the mistakes of his mother and knows it has…

Theo Van Gogh Dissed By Queen Beatrix

After the murder of Pim Fortuyn, another Dutch populist hero was butchered in plain daylight in the streets of Amsterdam: Theo van Gogh. This assassination created the second Dutch 9/11 within three years, paralyzing the Netherlands once again with shock, anger and fear.

So why did Queen Beatrix refuse to attend his funeral and attend a Muslim party instead?

The man who murdered Theo van Gogh was an Islamic terrorist of Moroccan origin. He shot Theo van Gogh several times and chased him across the street. As Theo van Gogh was on his back begging for his life, the Islamic terrorist took out a large dagger and slit his throat and then stabbed Theo van Gogh in the heart, leaving the large dagger in it with an attached letter. But that dagger didn’t only stab the heart of Theo van Gogh, it stabbed the heart of the Dutch nation, its culture and its confidence. Exactly as intended. Exactly as planned. Exactly as ordered.

Many words in the mainstream media were used to describe the murder of …

Pim Fortuyn: The Man Queen Beatrix Feared the Most

Had Pim Fortuyn lived 9 more days he would have become the next prime minister of the Netherlands. Question: Who gained the most from his death?

Many years after his assassination it was reported that former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers had said that Queen Beatrix didn’t lie awake at night over the death of Pim Fortuyn.

The truth is that Queen Beatrix hated Pim Fortuyn. And though she didn’t pull the trigger, the question is whether she was influential in preventing him from receiving secret service protection, knowing the growing death threats against him.

It was Minister Klaas de Vries, as the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, who denied Pim Fortuyn secret service protection. But was Minister Klaas de Vries acting on his own in the Kingdom of the Netherlands? Or was he following orders?

By not giving Pim Fortuyn secret service protection the government ensured that his life was in jeopardy. But why would they do this? One reason was that Queen Beatrix had never forgiven hi…

The Dutch Monarchy: The Enemy of The Dutch People?

Somewhere along the line the Dutch went from total football to total monarchy. King Willem-Alexander is one of the richest men in the world today. His wealth is estimated to be over $16 billion but it is probably much more than that. And the Dutch monarchy pays no taxes.

The way politics works in the Netherlands is as follows:

The politicians tax the Dutch working class and re-distribute the money to the Dutch monarchy. They buys stocks in Dutch multinational companies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes these companies with international trade deals. Then when the politicians leave public office a good job awaits them on the board of one these companies.

Some of these multinationals companies are Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, KLM, Heineken, Philips, AkzoNobel, but there are many more. The Dutch monarchy receives an annual allowance of 359 million euros. The annual budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 13 billion euros. Both of these expenses…


There was a song during the eighties by the Scottish rock band, Simple Minds, called “Promised You a Miracle.”  But I always heard it as "Promised You America."  In 1983, after graduating from high school in Holland, I stepped aboard a KLM Boeing 747 to Los Angeles, California.  It was a one-way ticket to paradise, at least so I thought at the age of eighteen.  It was to be my long awaited escape from the Dutch rain and wind to a land of sunshine and opportunity — from grey skies to blue skies — from socialism to capitalism.

As a teenager growing-up in Holland, I used to watch numerous American TV shows.  The one that I really liked was Magnum, P.I. starring Tom Selleck.  At this time in Holland there were only two government television channels, and they didn’t commence until 3pm in the afternoon and ended slightly passed 11pm.  And though Magnum, P.I. was featured only once a week, it provided me with enough inspiration to enter the world of palm trees, white beaches, beaut…