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THE JEFFERSON SCHOOL -- 1987: During my time in Dallas, no matter what I was doing, I would still continue to read Ayn Rand books and had begun reading Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.  This was the most philosophical book I had read, and I had to read it slowly, and re-read each chapter. Nevertheless, I felt at this point that I had reached the ability to think conceptually, something I had never learned in high school.  And this gave me a sense of accomplishment.  Unfortunately though, there were very few people I could share this sense of accomplishment with, and this always made me think of Briona.

I had met other women, some very beautiful as Dallas had so many, but the encounters never went far beyond the sexual attraction or occasional interaction.  I had longed to be in a romantic relationship, but many of the women I had met seemed uninterested in current affairs, politics or even simple thought provoking conversations, and none had ever heard of Ayn Rand. And this pr…


Recently I came across this Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) lecture by Dr. Yaron Brook: “Free Will, Free Borders.”  If I had not know who Dr. Brook was, I would have thought that he was speaking at a La Raza convention, as he was openly advocating for foreign nationals to illegally enter the United States.  Or I would have thought he was another university professor arguing that America’s borders are racist, and that America is racist.  Because, shockingly -- as the executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute (and now chairman of the board) -- this is what Yaron Brook does argue.  I furthermore couldn’t help notice how many fallacies I encountered in Dr. Brook’s presentation.  Hence, in this essay I will quote and analyze his statements. 
-- At around 2:30 minutes -- Red Herring:At this point in the lecture, Dr. Brook has not made an argument in favor of “free borders” -- what I will refer to as “open-borders.”  Instead Dr. Brook states that he was in Chicago and that he was shouted down by …