The Dutch Monarchy: The Enemy of The Dutch People?

King Willem-Alexander and his mother Princess Beatrix waving at the people who pay for their palaces

Somewhere along the line the Dutch went from total football to total monarchy. 
King Willem-Alexander is one of the richest men in the world today. His wealth is estimated to be over $16 billion but it is probably much more than that. And the Dutch monarchy pays no taxes. 

The way politics works in the Netherlands is as follows:

The politicians tax the Dutch working class and re-distribute the money to the Dutch monarchy. They buys stocks in Dutch multinational companies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes these companies with international trade deals. Then when the politicians leave public office a good job awaits them on the board of one these companies.

Some of these multinationals companies are Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, KLM, Heineken, Philips, AkzoNobel, but there are many more. The Dutch monarchy receives an annual allowance of 359 million euros. The annual budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 13 billion euros. Both of these expenses are paid for by the Dutch taxpayer but the benefits are all for the monarchy. 

Prime Minister Rutte working hard for the investments of the Dutch monarchy

The notion that the Dutch monarchy is a politically passive institution with limited constitutional powers is perhaps the biggest and longest lasting lie in the Netherlands. Or should I say Kingdom of the Netherlands?

If you have never heard these words spoken before, it is because the Dutch monarchy has been very successful in controlling the Dutch media. Rarely in the Netherlands will you find an article critical of the monarchy or questioning its enormous wealth and political influence.

For example, Mark Rutte was elected on a conservative platform but he tossed the will of the people overboard by adopting the King's left-wing, globalist agenda. As a result, Rutte eliminated taxes on Dutch multinational companies (#dividendbelasting), signed the Marrakech pact and the climate change treaty.

The Netherlands is a country of the monarchy, by the monarchy and for the monarchy. 

When a picture is worth a 1000 words #koninklijkhuis

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