Did Queen Beatrix Celebrate the Murder of Theo van Gogh?

After the murder of Pim Fortuyn, another Dutch populist hero was butchered in plain daylight in the streets of Amsterdam: Theo van Gogh. This assassination created the second Dutch 9/11 within three years, paralyzing the Netherlands once again with shock, anger and fear.

So why did Queen Beatrix refuse to attend his funeral and attend a Muslim party instead?

The man who murdered Theo van Gogh was an Islamic terrorist of Moroccan origin. He shot Theo van Gogh several times and chased him across the street. As Theo van Gogh was on his back begging for his life, the Islamic terrorist took out a large dagger and slit his throat and then stabbed Theo van Gogh in the heart, leaving the large dagger in it with an attached letter. But that dagger didn’t only stab the heart of Theo van Gogh, it stabbed the heart of the Dutch nation, its culture and its confidence. Exactly as intended. Exactly as planned.

Many words in the mainstream media were used to describe the murder of Theo van Gogh, but the words “hate” and “racism” were not among them -- these words seem to be exclusively reserved for white people, i.e., people of European origin. If the races had been reversed, there would have been large marches in the street with prominent politicians lecturing the public with moral indignation -- but no such marches occurred after the murder of Theo van Gogh.

The Dutch cultural elites, the prominent members of the political and media arenas, the ones with the high moral standards, the ones that would scream at you for making a politically incorrect joke -- they were all trying very hard to look the other way, refusing to connect the dots. And were silent after Theo van Gogh's murder

Some Dutch people, however, did know the meaning of Theo van Gogh’s murder. They knew that a Muslim had successfully killed one of their greatest cultural generals in their slow burning civil war. It was the culture war that Theo van Gogh had warned them about. As an artist he had warned them with his movies and comedy performances. Theo van Gogh, like his friend Pim Fortuyn, had seen the dark clouds of Islam moving over the Netherlands from afar, but now he and Pim were both dead, both murdered in cold blood.

Was Queen Beatrix celebrating the murder of Theo van Gogh?

Only ten days after the murder of Theo van Gogh, as the country was still reeling in pain and shock, Queen Beatrix visited a Moroccan youth center after refusing the funeral invitation of Theo van Gogh's parents. This had some Dutch people boiling with anger and openly accusing Queen Beatrix of being a traitor.

Many people were wondering why it was more important for Queen Beatrix to visit people of a Moroccan background than people of a Dutch background who were still in mourning? And many wondered why Queen Beatrix seemed to bowing down to the Muslims at the Moroccan youth center? And why did she seem so happy to be there? Why was she rewarding them with her visit? What was the message she was sending? Was it that she was there to honor the murder of Theo van Gogh?

If there had been any misunderstanding of Queen Beatrix visiting the Moroccan youth center by the public, she could have cleared it up six weeks later, on 25 December, 2004, when she delivered her annual Christmas television address to the nation (Kersttoespraak). But unfortunately, it only confirmed the worst fears some Dutch people had of Queen Beatrix.

Though she acknowledged the cultural conflicts in Dutch society, she seemed to placed the entire burden and fault on the Dutch people. She then spoke about the political murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh in the abstract by not mentioning them by name. Moreover she seemed to blame them for their own murders by saying: “Haat roept altijd haat op,” meaning hatred always begets hatred.

Hence what Queen Beatrix was saying was that both Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh were haters and that they met their own fate. This seems to explain why she had told Prime Minister Lubbers that the death of Pim Fortuyn didn’t keep her awake at night, and it explains her refusal to attend the funeral of Theo van Gogh.

Theo van Gogh murdered in the streets of Amsterdam, November 02, 2004.

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