Geert Wilders Vs King Willem-Alexander

Geert Wilders presenting King Willem-Alexander with a bottle of Hungarian palinka #koning

King Willem-Alexander is a left-wing globalist who is loyal to the European Union and the United Nations. In fact, he and Queen Maxima are actively involved in the UN. 

Furthermore King Willem-Alexander is a proponent of "climate change" and open-borders. In other words, every thing that King Willem-Alexander is for, Geert Wilders is against.

So why is Wilders showing up in the royal palace with a gift? It certainly must have had Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh rolling around in their graves. Both men were murdered fighting Islam and both were disrespected by Queen Beatrix.  

So what was this meeting between Wilders and the King all about? One can only speculate, but it was a staged event to benefit them both. Both men need each other.

For King Willem-Alexander the most important currency is his popularity. At the time they met, Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV, was the most popular in the Netherlands. King Willem-Alexander is well aware of the mistakes of his mother and knows it has damaged the image of the monarchy with a certain segment of the Dutch populous. His meeting with Wilders was extending them an olive branch.

For Geert Wilders the most important currency is his physical safety and that of his family. The Dutch monarchy not only controls the secret service and intelligence agencies, they also have lots of real-estate. As an anti-Islam politician, Wilders is protected 24/7 and no other man can help him more with his safety than King Willem-Alexander.

Another thing: King Willem-Alexander knows that Geert Wilders is the best debater in the Dutch parliament. And if Wilders ever went nuclear, he could certainly bring down the monarchy: he has no fear and he knows the monarchy's secrets.

The King, on the other hand, has powerful connections and has the ability to surreptitiously undermine and sabotage Wilders.

For now the waters are calm but that will all change if one day Geert Wilders would to become the next Prime Minister. 

Geert Wilders shaking hands with King Willem-Alexander, who opposes his whole political agenda #koning

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