Is Geert Wilders Howard Roark?

Ayn Rand said once that heroes such as Howard Roark do exist in the real world. She said the fact that the Fountainhead had been published demonstrated this.

As a script, The Fountainhead had been rejected by twelve publishers, but like Rand's hero, Howard Roark, there was one man who placed his career on the line, determined to have The Fountainhead published. His name was Archibald Ogden. And he won the fight. Without him, The Fountainhead may have never been published.

In every society, there are men who fight for their vision and their truth. Ayn Rand would say that the vision of the heroic is always based upon an objective truth, and that such men are always able to articulate these truths to the common man.  

In The Fountainhead one of these moments occurs in the courtroom when Howard Roark takes the stand in his own defense and explains to the members of the jury why he blew-up the housing project he had designed. The jury acquits him and Howard Roark's truth is triumphant.  


In a similar way, Geert Wilders continues to take the stand in a courtroom in the Netherlands, where is fighting for his truth. In his case he is defending his right to free speech, both as a citizen and as a political representative of the Dutch people. He is defending his right to say that the Netherlands should import less Moroccan immigrants.

Geert Wilders has been hounded for over 5 years by the Dutch court (OM) because he seems to have committed a thought crime. But Mr. Wilders only said in public what many people in the Netherlands are saying in private: We want fewer Moroccan immigrants. Why? Because too many Moroccans are terrorizing Dutch people in the streets: they are factually over-represented in the crime statistics.

Because Mr. Wilders speaks-out against Islam, his life is in danger. He is protected 24/7 by secret service agents and sleeps in a different location every night. Mr. Wilders says he lost his physical freedom and all he has left is his freedom of speech, and he refuses to surrender that to the Dutch court.

It is important to point out that the men of truth always had to fight their battles against the authorities. In the past these may have been the Church or the King, but today these are the societal elite, the open-borders globalists -- today's bourgeois class: politicians, bureaucrats, judges, journalists, academia, Hollywood, Big Tech, etc.

Notice that both Howard Roark and Geert Wilders are supported by the common man.

There is a slow burning civil war in the Netherlands (and in the West) today as its government seems to play for the other team. Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh warned the people about this, what they called "the fifth column."

It is too early to know if Geert Wilders will win his court battle. For one, there is no jury trial in the Netherlands. The jury is made-up of five judges. Most judges in the Netherlands come from the elite ruling class.

Secondly, speaking of the fifth column, it has been discovered that the Rutte government has been actively colluding with the Justice Department (OM) to have Mr. Wilders prosecuted. This is illegal and is in violations of the checks & balances of the Dutch parliament and court rules, but so far the authorities don't seem to care about judicial fairness -- at least not in the case of Geert Wilders:


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