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Geert Wilders Vs Dutch King of WEF

King Willem-Alexander and his wife, Queen Maxima, are World Economic Forum (WEF) globalists who are loyal to the European Union and the United Nations. In fact, they are both board members of the UN and are actively involved in implementing its agenda.    Furthermore King Willem-Alexander is a proponent of "climate change" and so-called "open-borders." In other words, everything that King Willem-Alexander is for, Geert Wilders is against. So why is Geert Wilders showing up at the royal palace with a gift for King Willem-Alexander? And more importantly, why are they both advertising this publicly? W hat is this display really all about?  Geert Wilders presenting King Willem-Alexander with a bottle of Hungarian palinka  One can only speculate, but it was a staged event to benefit them both. And though it is presented as if it were a natural, spontaneous event, in the case of King Willem-Alexander it had to be cleared by his PR team and his many political advisers