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Selena Quintanilla Pérez : The Greatest Woman

     Selena Quintanilla Pérez : The Greatest Woman Selena is the greatest female performer. Her star was the brightest. Her energy was her life, her life was her music. Her presence and passion on stage was her manifestation of all these qualities. Her voice was her lion's roar. Her energy was an explosion. Her explosion was a love for life.  I am 56 years old today. I remembered her when she was alive. I appreciated her then, but I worship her today. We live in declining times, declining cultures. I will not speak negatively of others, only to say that I realize now more so how great Selena is.  Selena was a very strong woman, a very feminine woman, and those go together hand-in-hand. She was a very sexy woman by nature, au natural, with elegance and purity. She became who she became. She was an original. Selena was a self-made woman. She didn't come from famous parents. Nothing was handed to her. She came from a poor family but a very supportive family.    There is no woman l